I'm a demon. Let's get that out of the way. I'm also Lucifer's kid. But this human body is my own, from some kind of messed up jiggery-pokery. I am always learning and I see everything, understand everything and deception has never once prevailed against the Devil's spymistress.


Winter hated Earth. There was nothing to do. Everything was so transparent - there was nothing that shocked or excited her. It was so¬†annoying.¬†Humans were such arbitrary creatures, in her opinion, and the fact that she moved about like one of them, even back home, made her positively livid. She was just so unimpressive with her human body, though her anatomy and mind were considerably different than that of those on the top of Earth’s food chain. Though why they hadn’t died out already was a mystery to her. All they did was bumble about blindly, their faces lifted to the sky for help. Pathetic.

It was her dad’s idea that she leave home. He said that she needed to get out more. She said that home was far more fun than Earth ever would be. But no one won arguments against her father, well, most of the time anyway, so to Earth Winter was forced to go, just wandering, observing. Bored out of her skull.

Until she saw something interesting. A man. Shorter than her, but then again, most humans were. There was something about him that made her stop and watch, her head cocked to the side, interested for the first time in what felt like ages.